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I've just downloaded and used the trial version to test out an archive of 4,500 magazines. The search results without an Index were good. I built an index on the same portable SSD as the magazines and the results were outstanding.

My portable SSD is mounted in Windows 11 as E: I create an index on the whole of E: and stored in the E:\FileLocator folder.

I plan to ship a copy SSD to my fellow researcher who is less technical than me, including the index. If he mounts it to Windows 10 and the SSD is G:/D: or anything except E: will he have any problems?

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1 Answer

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The index includes a reference to the root drive letter, so the mapping to the source drive needs to be the same on any system using the index. More information is available here:


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Is there no way around this, no way to add a symbolic reference, or use a namespace or anything?
You could map to a local share, e.g. map C:\Share\Indexes to T:\, and then create the index on T:\.

Index adjustments are planned for a future version but no ETA yet.