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I think I have tried every output option with flpsearch to remove the header in the output but nothing is preventing it from working.

I have a tool which reads csv files and it expects the first line of the file to be the column names, but the output of flpsearch always includes the Search criteria and statitics before the column name line. I would like the output to just be:
fname.docx,D:...,2024-06-05 04:43:49 PM,569 KB,Microsoft Word Document,1

My command line is:
flpsearch -idxname ntb_idx2 -c STUFF -ofrs:tabulated -ofc -ofr:files -o aa

This seems like a really obvious feature but I cannot find it anywhere, so sorry if I have not gone through enough of the documentation.


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1 Answer

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Use the GUI to fine tune the report output before using the command line, e.g.

  1. Run the report in the GUI
  2. Click the Options button and remove the statistics
  3. Close the GUI
  4. Run your command line search

Report options

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