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I have a digital audio library that contains content in the following directory structure:

{Album Artist}{Year}, {Album|{Track Number}-{Track Name}

For Singles for a specific artist, content is stored as follows:

{Album Artist}\Singles{Track Name}

All files and directories exist under:

D:\Media\Digital Audio\

I wish perform a search for the following:

All files named "Folder.jpg" that exist under a Singles directory. I am failing to get this search to work. I attempted Wildcards search with the following in File name: Singles\Folder.jpg

This did not work. What is the best way to find specific files that only exist under a specific directory? The search will start at a parent directory, and my search would be for a directory that exists below the parent.

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

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The easiest way is to probably use the Look In filter, e.g.

File name:       folder.jpg
Containing Text:
Look In:         D:\Media\Digitial Audio;+singles
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