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Bit lost on how to search for something. Essentially I need to look through a folder for any .ini files that contain 'BaseGameClass' but each of these lines will have some extra data to them e.g. BaseGameClass="ABC"

What's the best way of finding and reporting on all of these instances so I can find out which files contain the instance BaseGameClass="ABC" and what files have BaseGameClass"DEF" and so forth?

The objective here is to root out any duplicates and clear them. Unfortunately there's too many versions of BaseGameClass to run a search for each of them individually and then reporting on it..

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1 Answer

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Probably the easiest way to search for them is using a regular expression, e.g.

Containing Text: REGEX "BaseGameClass=\".*\""

Run the search and then use the Reports Tab and the Keywords Summary report to view your different variations.

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