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I have a search that works when I run it via the user interface but when I try and run the same search with the command line app it doesn't return any results. For example,

flpsearch.exe -d "C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft" -f "\.(txt|doc)"

It produces zero results, but when I run the same search in the Windows app, it works. How do I troubleshoot the issue?

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The problem is probably due to criteria that is being set in the UI version but not in the command line version. The best way to troubleshoot the issue is to save the command line search results in Session/Workspace format and then open the search results in the UI version to visually check the search criteria, ie. add the following to your command line search:

-oflsx -o "E:\results.flsx"

So your command line should look like:

flpsearch.exe -d "C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft" -f "\.(txt|doc)" -oflsx -o "E:\results.flsx"

After the search has finished you should be left with a file called results.flsx. Open this file in the Windows app and hopefully you'll be able to spot the problem criteria.

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