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I have Microsoft Office 2365, which includes OneDrive. I've had it for many years. I've also had FileLocator Pro for several years. Today when I ran a search for Excel files containing a specific text string, I got several messages that I had not seen before. Some of them say, "Mythicsoft Conversion Host is downloading from User - Personal". Others say, "FileLocator Pro is downloading from User - Personal".

I've done many similar searches and never got these messages, or, at least, I never saw them.

Can someone explain what they mean and is there anything I need to know or do?


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If OneDrive files are not cached locally then any attempt to read the contents of them will cause OneDrive to download them to your local machine. I'm guessing that previously the files were cached locally but recently you've 'optimized' your PC storage and cleared the cache.

FileLocator Pro does not use any special OneDrive APIs to interact with OneDrive it simply uses standard Windows API File read/write functionality. Windows is controlling the caching of OneDrive files and the subsequent downloading if they're not available.

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