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On trying to install update 3418 I get the following error
"Error getting file security:
GetLastError: 5"

If I click on OK, the installation simply stops. I have ensured nothing else is running. Reboot does not help. The folder C:\Users\Doug\AppData\Local\Mythicsoft\AgentRansack\ is empty. Currently installed is Version 2022 - Build 3341 ,fully licensed version.

I can't find any mention in the manual.

My desktop PC is running Win 11 Pro, with all latest updates.

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The error dialog is a Microsoft Installer (MSI) error, if you run a search on the Internet you'll see this error in many forums.

The simplest solution is to delete the folder:


If the problem persists it might be a permissions issue. Windows error code 5 translates as Access Denied and is probably occurring during the period that MSIEXEC is running in an elevated privileges mode as the SYSTEM account.

Check that the SYSTEM account has read/write privileges to the Users folder.

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