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I often perform FileLocator Pro index searches from the command line. Also, I use a Classic Explorer Bar button that can launch a search from the current folder that Windows Explorer is open to - this uses the same command line interface.

Is it possible to set the index search Location path filter from the command line? Or, set the "Look In" for an Index search? I tried using the -idxpath parameter, but that changes the Index selection itself.

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Location filtering works differently with Index search, instead of a separate 'Look In' field the text is entered in the main search using a 'lookin:' prefix, e.g.

Using lookin prefix for location filtering

So to pass the location filter to an index search use the '-c' command line parameter, e.g.

filelocatorpro.exe -idxname "Files" -c "*.pdf lookin:\"C:\Users\Person\""

Note the use of \" to escape the embedded quote.

More information

You don't need to specify the whole path with the location filter, you can just specify part of the path, e.g.


this would match all paths with Mythicsoft in, such as:

C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack

You can specify multiple parts of the file, e.g.

lookin:"mythicsoft\agent ransack"

this would match all paths like:

C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack
C:\Users\Person\AppData\Roaming\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack

You can even skip parts of the path,


this would match paths like:

C:\Users\Person\AppData\Roaming\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack\logs
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