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Hi Dave,

The Indexer seems to inspect the contents of archives (e.g. PST & ZIP) even though their timestamp, size and hashes have not changed.

Could they be skipped please?

Thank you,

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1 Answer

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During an index update files inside archives are skipped if the modified date of the archive has not changed since the last update. You can verify this by looking at the Updates column in the Update Log, which indicates how many times the file has been updated in the index.

Update Log - Update Count

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Thanks Dave,

For large archives (tens of thousands of files), I see each subfile appear in the 'Messages' tab as 'Indexing' events, which takes several minutes. I had hoped that the indexer would check if the root archive had changed, and if it hadn't it would skip over all the subfiles instantly.
If the root file has an unchanged modified date then it should be skipped for updates. Please contact support@mythicsoft.com with more details if you think this is not happening.