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We have a stringent process for vetting new software products. Where can I find a list of any security vulnerabilities found and fixed in FileLocator Pro?

One major reason we are looking at FileLocator Pro is for its file preview capabilities. Although Windows Explorer has a native "Preview pane" view, it has been affected by numerous security vulnerabilities over the years (e.g., this one from just last month https://msrc.microsoft.com/update-guide/vulnerability/CVE-2023-36761) including a number of 0-day vulns.

Does FileLocator leverage the same libraries that the native Windows Preview Pane does (therefore, making it susceptible to the same threats)?

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The complete revision history is available here:


All fixes, including security fixes, are listed on that page.

The Preview Tab set to Preview uses the IPreviewHandler Shell functionality to view registered formats, ie rendering is handled by which ever 3rd party component is registered as the Preview Handler for the format. Future releases may override this functionality for some formats, such as PDF and Word to enable keyword highlighting, but currently it's just IPreviewHandler view functionality.

Preview Tab

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Updated with Preview question.
Preview handler information added.
Thanks for that info, Dave. Is the IPreviewHandler the same mechanism that Windows Explorer uses natively to view registered formats?
Most probably, yes.