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The "Expert" search mode helpfully finds and lists ALL of the Files contained within any found Folders, while the "Index Search" will not find or list any file unless its Filename (or content) directly matches the search term. [Note: In the Configuration menu, Character Processing section: All three of the options to include both Filename and Folder Path in the search are enabled.]

How can I configure the Index Search to emulate the Expert search's behavior of scoring a Hit for any file who's Pathname or Filename matches the search term?

Thank you!

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1 Answer

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It's not currently possible to search just the full file path. You can, as you say, search the file name or you can search the path.

To search the path of files using the lookin prefix, eg. to search for folders that begin with Archive


To perform a partial search, ie for folders that have 'archive' somewhere in the name, use the wildcard prefix, eg.

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