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Can I configure the path of the index log files for the index service somewhere? It writes large files to my roaming profile

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For a standard installation (ie non-portable) the folder paths, including Index Log folder, are read from the registry value:


For portable installs the paths are loaded from the file:


The paths are stored as XML and will look something like:

<cfg ver="2">
	<section name="FOLDERS">
		<LogFile t="3">$(ApplicationData)\logs\</LogFile>
		<CacheFolder t="3">$(ApplicationData)\Cache\</CacheFolder>
		<ConfigFile t="3">$(ApplicationData)\config\</ConfigFile>
		<IndexLogFolder t="3">$(ApplicationData)\IndexLog\</IndexLogFolder>
		<FavouriteFolder t="3">$(ApplicationData)\Favorites\</FavouriteFolder>
		<IndexFolder t="3">$(ApplicationData)\Index\</IndexFolder>
		<CrashReports t="3">$(ApplicationData)\CrashReports\</CrashReports>
		<DefaultData t="3">$(ApplicationData)</DefaultData>
		<TempFolder t="3">$(TempFolder)\</TempFolder>

Change the IndexLogFolder element to change the default path for the Index Logs.

More information

The Index Log folder stores the log database, which contains information about which files were indexed and any issues encountered. The Index Manager tabs Update Log, History, and Messages and loaded from the Index Log.

Index Manager Tabs

Help: Index Details

What happens if I delete the log?

Index searching does not use the Index Log so you can delete the log database without affecting searches.

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