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I am trying to index only spreadsheet type files that are pretty much in any possible and likely locations on an external hard drive, specifically folders and subfolders, inside emails, and in compressed files. I do not want anything other than the spreadsheet files to be indexed and I do not want the emails themselves to be indexed; only their attachments if they match the filetypes I indicate in the specific files.

For the settings, I have selected and/or excluded the folders to index, to include subfolders and I have selected only email attachments, specific files (listing the spreadsheet types I want indexed), and I have selected the types of compressed files I want searched in the advanced settings.

The settings are working correctly (only indexing spreadsheet type files) for folders/subfolders only. For everything else (email attachments and compressed files) it appears that every file type is being indexed and the emails themselves are being indexed.

Can what I described as my objective above be done and if so, how do I need to adjust my setting to do so.

It shouldn't matter, but an example list of the only filetypes I want to index is (123;csv;ods;odt;wb2;wk1;wki;wkq;wks;wku;wls;wq1;wq2;wr1;xlam;xlc;xlk;xlm;xls;xlsb;xlsm;xlsx;xlt;xltm;xltx;xlw etc). (I've been working in spreadsheets for along time).

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If you don't want the email messages themselves to be indexed you'll need to exclude them, e.g.

Specific files: *.xls;*.xlsx;NOT:*.msg

ps. If you could add some screenshots of the index settings that would be great to understand the issue.

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