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Filelocator Pro is an excellent tool. I use it all the time. Couple of questions:

Q1. How do I separate the Name column into 2 columns: Filename and Extension (Ext)

This would allow users to sort on filetype. I just did a search for all files containing the word "permutation". I got several hundred results that included .html, .exe, .dll, .wbk, .m, and several other filetypes in addition to the .doc, .pdf, & ,xls files that I expected. It would have been very helpful to have been able to sort by filetype.

Q2. How do I show the % complete and estimated completion time or time remaining

It seems to show this sometimes, but not other times. Some of my searches that search the contents have taken many hours to complete. It would be helpful to have an estimate.

Q3. Can I change "Explore here" to "Open file location"

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Q1. If you click the menu option View -> Select Columns... there is a separate column 'File extension' that will display just the file extension:

File extension column

Q2. Calculating the search percentage is only possible once the program knows the complete amount of text required to search. By default the program immediately starts searching file contents but if you want to force it to first collect the full list of files before searching you can switch to 'Ordered search' in the Configuration -> Search Settings:

Ordered Search

Q3. You can change almost any text in the program by editing the lang-??.xml file in the config folder.

Explore here

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