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Love the software, especially the ability to create an Index.

Wondering about the search interface. It appears the options and ability to search an Index is significantly limited when compared with the ability to search a directory using the Expert setting.

Eg searching by size of file is quite simple using Expert (a basic drop down) but not an option in an Index.

Am I missing something or is this on the development agenda?

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1 Answer

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Although the index search UI only shows a single search box it's still possible to search on different file attributes by prefixing with a field identifier, e.g.

name:*.txt lookin:folder_name

Field identifiers:

name: - Search on the name of the item.

lookin: - Search on the location of the item.

ext: - Search on the file extension.

moddt: - Search on the modified date of the item.

createdt: - Search on the created date of the item.

size: - Search on the size of the item.

For more information please see:


Future plans include UI elements to help enter the criteria.

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