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I'd like to search and find videos with a time > T or a width greater than X pixels. In explorer, I can find all videos in a folder then display those columns and sort by them.

From what I can see, File Locator Pro doesn't have all of the columns that Explorer can show, so I can't do that. Which means scripting.

I read through https://qa.mythicsoft.com/14746/find-mp3-files-with-duration-longer-than-73-seconds?show=14750#a14750 for mp3s, but I see that some of my really, really old videos don't have a length. The text just looks like:

Length: ? secs
Bit rate: ? Kbps
Sample rate: ? Hz
Channels: ?
ENCODEDBY: Lavf58.29.100

I'm guessing that I'll have to use a script to go the results to get the current file name and path, then have the script load the file as an object, have the script get the resolution and length and use that.

Is that correct? The online docs say the scripts are Active Scripting, but that's an old way to refer to it. Is it just vbscript? If not what languages are supported?


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1 Answer

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FileLocator Pro doesn't yet have all the columns but I'll add a request to add Time and Pixels.

Active Scripting is the core scripting framework and supports VBScript and JScript as well as other scripting languages (such as ActivePerl).

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