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Just wondering if the latest OneNote will be supported?

As it stands, I tried creating a test *.one file, then put that folder in the list of folders indexed by FLP, refreshed the index, and while FLP DOES report results from a txt file I put in the same folder it does NOT report anything matching in the .one file.

Opening the file in a hex editor, it looks like it's all stored unicode, so that might be preventing indexing.

I have specified . for the files, and If i just search for the "name" of one of the *.one files, it shows, so it appears to at least be seeing the file.

I didn't see any IFilter registered for the ONE file type, but windows search shows "Microsoft OneNotes" as an indexing option.

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1 Answer

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OneNote is not directly supported so it is only available if you have a compatible installed IFilter. You can view the installed IFilter list by clicking on Configuration -> Extensions -> IFilter.

Built-in OneNote support is coming in Apr 2024.

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News about OneNote support?