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I have to search through a number of excel files all contained in the same directory.
Each file consists of several sheets but the sheets always have the same name.

Is it possible to limit the search to a specific sheet? Or show in the results the name of the sheet where the row was found?

Let's say the sheet is called "Processed" and I have to look for lines containing the text "577001 728?

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1 Answer

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You could probably achieve what you want using the multi-line regex functionality (Pro feature). When the program converts the spreadsheet into text each sheet is prefixed with the sheet name, e.g.

Sheet: Processed (1 of 5)

... sheet data ...

Sheet: Orders (2 of 5)


With Multi-line RegEx specified as the expression type you could search for something on the 'Processed' sheet by searching for:

Containing Text: Sheet: Processed.*?577001 728.*?Sheet: Orders
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