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I'm running Index Manager 9.0.3314.1

When I index a network share, it doesn't index all the files. It stops suddenly with the following message:

ERROR: Indexing exception: 1 (AlreadyClosed). More information: This IndexWriter is closed 0x00000000 (0x3) - :1520 - IndexUpdater.cpp

Screenshot here

If I then update the index, it gets roughly 50,000 files further before the same message appears. I could do that over and over until it reaches the end, but is there a way to fix the root cause?

(I have tried recreating the index, but the same thing occurs).

Thank you,

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1 Answer

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That shouldn't happen. Tech support have sent you a private message about this issue to try and gather more information.

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Thanks dave, the new version (FLP 3335) no longer experiences the issue. Thank you!