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Some files are giving a "exceeded memory limit" when creating an index. Where is this memory limit set? Can it be configured?

I tried checking some of the xml and config files in the installed directory but wasn't quite sure where this was getting set

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The memory limit setting is an internal setting designed to protect the indexer from running out of memory on very large files. It is based on the total RAM of the PC and some configuration settings in the config.xml.


Values range from:

1 - Very High
2 - High
3 - Normal   (default)
4 - Low

It's not possible to set these values using the UI, but if you have a recent version of the program you can update the configuration using the command line.

To increase the total max RAM usage to Very High use:

filelocatorpro.exe -config:IndexMemMgr:MaxRamUsageType=0n1

To increase the max RAM per document (ie index larger documents) use:

filelocatorpro.exe -config:IndexMemMgr:MaxRamPerDocType=0n1

If you'd like more information please contact support:


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