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We have an approved installation baseline list of files that should be installed on machines. Can I use your product to validate that the files on a given machine are correct and haven't been modified ?

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1 Answer

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Yes, you can use the program to first create a list of file hashes and then run subsequent searches to compare against those hashes.

Step 1. Generate list of hashes

Set the Look In folder to be the location for the files you wish to generate your hash list:

Run search to generate list of hashes

Step 2. Use the Contents Report to save list

Use the Options button to switch off all columns except the 'Text' column:

View file hash list

Then click the 'Save' button to save the list in a file.

Step 3. Validate the search against the hash list

Run the search again but this time use the hash list to specify the valid hashes:

Search with hash list

Step 4. Check Summary tab

If the hashes are the same then the Summary tab should show Searched and Found to be the same:

Summary tab validation

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