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Is it possible to generate a list of ONLY subfolders, and exclude all of the parent folders?

For example: Let’s say I have a folder named “The Story of Lester.” In that folder are three subfolders, named Prologue, Chapter One, and Epilogue.

Is it possible to generate a list that has those three subfolders, but not the folder named The Story of Lester?

If this is possible, what is the procedure? Also, can I generate a list that contains the subfolders of several parent folders, and exclude the names of all of their parent folders?

Thank you.

PS: I'm interested only in folders and not files. (I exclude files by setting the file size to less than one byte.)

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If you wanted to search for only folders that had no subfolders (ie the leaf subfolders) you could do that with a script. Something like:

// This script returns all folders that do not have any subfolders
var objFSO = new ActiveXObject( "Scripting.FileSystemObject" );

function isValidFileName( strPath, strFileName )
	// Open the folder and see if there are any subfolders 
		var strFolderPath = strPath + strFileName
		if ( objFSO.FolderExists( strFolderPath ) )
			var folderCheck = objFSO.GetFolder( strFolderPath );
			var subfolders = folderCheck.SubFolders;
			return subfolders.Count == 0;
	catch( e )	{
	return false;

How to use the script

Step 1. Save the script in a file, e.g. folders_leaf_only.js

Step 2. Set the search to Folders Only

Folders Only

Step 3. Specify the script in the File name script

Leaf folders only

Step 4. Run the search


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