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I'm checking the messages in the Index Manager and I routinely see "Invalid Location: \.git\ ". The index I have created is at the root folder of a GitHub repo and the option to include subfolders is checked. I tried to manually exclude the .git folder, but the error remains.

This is what the string inside of Specific Locations looks like:


I do not have "Include all other files using name only" checked and I am only looking at specific file types like *.cs. Am I using the exclusion filter incorrectly, or is there something else causing the program to look for .git\ ?

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1 Answer

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Since \.git\ is not listed as a separate location in your 'Specific Locations' setting the value is coming from somewhere else. The most usual location for an unexpected location appearing in the indexing process is the Persistent Search Filters from the main program configuration:

Persistent Search Filter button

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