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When I attempt to Export Results and then choose any of the "Custom XLST Files", I get an error stating: "Problem Running Task: Saving Search Results Operation
Saving Files Failed
0x800401f3 (0x0) -: 1078 - FileLocatorDoc.cpp

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The DOM Prog Id was not what you specified. It contained non-standard ASCII characters. I changed it to what you specified, and no errors were reported when I clicked OK. Also, the export is also now working.

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It could be one of two things:

  1. The XSLT file has a mistake. Are you using one from the Sample Transforms folder or your own?

  2. The XSLT Processor setting is incorrect. Open Configuration -> Advanced -> XSLT Processor Settings and double check that DOM Prog Id is:


When you click OK it should validate the XSLT settings and give you an error if there is a problem.

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