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I have some documents that have words that sometimes can be "split" by a hyphen between two lines. For example, see the term below highlighted:

Noticed that the word "discriminação" is splitted between two lines by a hyphen.

I noticed that in cases like this the index of FileLocator Pro recognizes the word as "discrimina- ção" and not "discriminação" :

The picture above was taken Version 2021 - Build 3264 (BETA) of FileLocator Pro.
This happened in the Version 8.5 - Build 2951 too.

So, for example, if I search for the term "discriminação" it won't find the words "discriminação" that were hyphenated. As this will happen with every other word in the same situation I worry that it can compromise some searches.

Is there any way I can bypass this issue? something I can do in the search terms or in the index action of the program?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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1 Answer

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At present there's no way to recombine words that are shown as split in the text. I'll add your request to our Issue Tracker.

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