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Right now, using FileLocator Pro is not possible to open Adobe Acrobat Read (or other viewers) and easily view found matches. But this could be easily added to FileLocator Pro, and it will be a very good enhancement.

Already exists three variables in external editor configuration: $(LINENUM), $(FILEPATH) and $(LONGPATH).

I suggest creating a new variable (example: $(TEXTHIT) ) that contains each one of found matches (selected match). As a PDF file could have different text hits (by using regular expression search), a single PDF will have different TEXTHIT variable contents, depending on where user double clicks, on hits painel.

We could use this new variable to open Adobe Acrobat Reader (command line parameters) with a pre-configured term search, solving the problem (easy way to find text inside a PDF, using an external PDF viewer)

Let me know if this could be implemented.


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1 Answer

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I'll add your request to our Issue Tracker.

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