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Hello Mythicsoft Team,

I am using the current beta version of FLPro, build 3238.
I am searching in "Expert" mode for a search term Schulz using the LIKE function with the 'Boolean' method.

For example, using the 'Boolean' method:
Containing text: LIKE Schulze NOT:Schools OR School OR Scholz
In this way I want to exclude that several unwanted search terms like:
'school', 'schools', 'Scholz' are found. For this I combine the LIKE function with the NOT function. But I found that this way I can exclude ONLY one unwanted term. And moreover, I noticed that the term 'Schultze' is not displayed at all.
But if I search only for 'LIKE Schulze', the search term 'Schultze' is also displayed with other unwanted search terms as shown above.

Is there a possibility to exclude several unwanted search terms with the LIKE function?
Will the LIKE function be available in 'Index' mode at some point?

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1 Answer

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You can perform the search but you need parenthesis to group the 'NOT' part, e.g.

LIKE Schulze NOT (Schools OR School OR Scholz)

However, the 'NOT' is not attached to the variations of Schulze it's applying across the whole document. So if the document has the term 'Schools', 'School', or 'Scholz' then the document will be skipped.

It would appear that you want an 'EXCEPT' feature that would tie the following expression to the preceding one to limit the variations, this request is already in our Issue Tracker.

Also note that the term 'NOT' does not have a colon after it.

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Thank you, your example does exactly what I wanted too