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Have tried to search in the JPG files for the search terms in the so-called IPTC data. With the trick you described on Feb 21, 2018 from the integration EXIV2 in the program FLPro I also succeeded.
However, if you have many photos, several gigabytes, the search takes infinitely long. At the point indexing IPTC and possibly Exif data would have been a super solution.

Is it in the new version of FLPro 9 this function sometime to expect.

Thanks in advance

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1 Answer

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We'll be adding additional IPTC data support in the v9 release cycle. In the mean-time I would recommend switching Caching on, which will only 're-exiv' the file it the date changes.

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The IPTC thing sounds promising, thanks.
By cashing you mean the "Cache text" function in the "Option" tab?
Exactly. The 'text' from the file is stored in a local cache DB and referred to instead of the file (assuming modified date hasn't changed).