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Just up against this again today with FLP 8.5 build 2947 and surprised myself that text*text didn't work as I had expected, using the Boolean option (or, unsurprisingly Plain text).

Specifically, with the Containing text set to: dpte*_kickoff_meeting.htm
no matches were returned,
yet when setting it to: dpte _kickoff_meeting.htm
resulted in 2 hits:

What am I missing or is this just working as intended since the characters involve punctuation rather than letters? If so, it's not intuitive.

Will the the DOS expression / wildcard option be an option in the Containing text field in FLP 9?

related to an answer for: FLP8.1 - Correct use of asterisk
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2 Answers

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That should work just fine with the default settings. Please check that you have 'Allow wildcards (*,?)' switched on in the Options tab:

Allow Wildcards

DOS Expressions/Wildcards will be allowed in the next version.

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Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard!

Did not have Allow wildcards selected on Options tab.

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