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The laptop I'm installing this on doesn't connect to the internet. The help menu here: https://help.mythicsoft.com/agentransack/en/index.html is incredibly useful. I noticed that if I save this as a regular web page, I can not load it offline, as the side bar is no longer functional. I was wondering if there's any chance there's an offline copy of this help menu. i was going through and just copy/pasting/saving all the individual pages that make up this help menu, but it would be much easier to reference this way. Anyway, not a big deal if this is not available offline, but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask!

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Yes, the whole help file is installed offline when install the product. Use the menu option Help -> Contents to open the help file. You should find that that a browser is opened with a URL like:

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Thank you, I was unaware that this was available offline. That should have been the first thing I checked. Thank you kindly.