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I was looking up how to do this on your help forums, but the answers seemed to reference clicking a button that I don't see available to me. Was wondering if this is a feature that is only available on the paid version.

As an example, when I'm doing a search, it searches through some very large zip files, which ends up making the search incredibly slow. I'd prefer it to just skip any and all zip files. I'd be happy if this were a configuration option it would remember every time. Is it possible to accomplish this on the free version?

Kudos on this software by the way - I really like it so far!

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Yes, you can skip unwanted extensions by using the NOT keyword, e.g.

File name: NOT:*.zip

The best way to skip unwanted extensions is to specify the extensions you WANT to search, e.g.

File name: *.docx;*.xlsx;*.txt

The Pro version will automatically skip ZIP extensions if ZIP searching is switched off or you can permanently add excluded extensions (such as EXE or DLL) using the Persistent Search Filters:

Exclude EXE, DLL, SYS Files

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Excellent, thank you so much. Yes, I figured out the NOT keyword last night after finding the help menu. But, I didn't realize until your post, that if I specify what I want, it'll only search through that and nothing else (as opposed to NOT which will go through everything I suppose, except what you're telling it). That simplifies things dramatically for me - thank you so much!