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I'm a game developer and I'm trying to add a 'search' plugin inside our engine that uses Agent Ransack under the hood. I'll be deploying this tool in our repository using the portable installation of Agent Ransack.

So far, my tests have been successful except for 1 thing. When a user uses the tool for the first time, Agent Ransack's "Choose your license" popup appears.

For the purpose of my tool, the Lite version is enough. I don't want my users to have this popup (because I know some people will not know what to do. Some will close the tool, some will click Professional and be blocked, etc.)

Is there any way I can fix this. Maybe I can specify the license to use somehow ?

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1 Answer

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There is no way to disable the dialog with the free lite license. You can supress the license type dialog with a Business/Enterprise supporter's license.

The license for the free lite version is not intended for invisibly embedding the product into another product, that's what the runtime version is for. However, as long as you are using a signed Mythicsoft installer to install the product that's fine.

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