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If I'm searching for files in a relatively deep folder path, the location column of the results can become very difficult to read. If I'm just searching for files in a single directory and subfolders, would you be able to display the location relative to that folder, instead of showing a full path? Most of the first part of the location is completely redundant.

Ideally, it would be nice to just have a new column called "Relative Location" that you can choose to show, instead of the regular "Location" column.

An alternative implementation could just be a preference that's set in the Display settings on the Configuration window.

I've put together a mockup to show how I could see it working.

How the search currently works:

A mockup of how it could work:

Edit: To be clear, I have tried the "truncate start" option. It truncates an arbitrary section of the path, and is very unreadable.

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1 Answer

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At the moment the only available options are:

  • Truncate Start
  • Truncate Middle
  • Truncate End

I'll add a request to add a new column 'Relative location' which would display the path from the search root.

Truncate start of path

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