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A lot of apps these days allow customization of UI scaling factor, so that it's possible, by setting the value of scaling factor to e.g. 200%, to make everything (including all UI elements) twice as large.

(A screenshot showing what I mean, from an app called Anki: https://ibb.co/3yqKw3n . It's also possible to do the same in Chrome by command line flag e.g. "force-device-scale-factor=2.0")

Short of that, many apps also offer the capability of setting UI font size.

Would it be possible for FileLocator Pro to offer some option along these lines? On my machine, while I was able to make the menu font size larger (by setting Win10's "Make Text Larger" setting to 130%), this doesn't have any effect on the rest of the UI texts. ( screenshot : https://ibb.co/VvGRnRG )

Would really make it much easier on the eye to use FileLocator Pro. Thanks for considering!

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Currently the most effective way to increase the font is to change the Windows scaling settings:

Settings -> System -> Display -> Scale and Layout:

Display settings

And then go to the Scale and Layout section:

Scale and layout

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