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We have a .srf file that properly opens with the GUI and performs searches on keywords in files and zipped files in specified locations. Say for example, we get 500 hits on files.

When we try and run it from the command line specifying the same .srf, the output either contains only files that are not contained in a zip (150) or, if we include the -ac parameter, we ONLY get hits on the zipped files (350).

What are the options to use to search all files including zipped files using flpsearch.exe?

We have tried -pc with no luck.

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The -ac flag is only testing against the Windows 'Compressed' flag, ie it's not a general 'Search compressed' files flag so you don't need it.

Your command line should look something like this:

flpsearch.exe criteria.srf -pc -o "output.txt"

As a test to make sure the criteria has been saved correctly try running this:

filelocatorpro.exe criteria.srf -pc -r

Which should run the search immediately in the GUI.

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