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Assume I enter two search patterns in the "File name" entry field of FileLocator Pro
and select "Boolean" from the drop down right of it.
This would result in a list which contains files AND folders.

But I want to see ONLY files in result list.
Ok I could select "Files Only" from the same Drop down as above but this would remove the "Boolean" search type criteria.

What I need are two independent drop downs:
- one for Search Type=Boolean
- one for "Files only"

Am I correct?

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1 Answer

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When you select 'Files only' the search switches to Boolean. If you need a Wildcard expression (ie DOS Expression) in a Boolean expression then you can prefix the term with DOSEX, e.g.

File name: SearchTerm AND DOSEX "*.txt;*.docx"
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Ok, thank you for the answer. May I ask you to move "Files only", "Folders only", "Documents only",...
to options page in the next release? Similarly the option for Case Sensitivity/Match case could be placed there.