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Hi, most of my scripts files are encoded utf-8, and I write the comments in french in them. Filelocator Pro doesn't seem to be able to read the accent correctly(ex: paramètres) and thus will not find the text when there are accents in it.

Saving it in UTF with BOM will works, but that is not a possibility as I really need them to be save without BOM to work properly with some tools.

Is it possible for Filelocator Pro to correctly index those?

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1 Answer

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You can tell FileLocator Pro to default specific file types as UTF-8 in the UTF-8 Default Format Settings:

UTF-8 Default Format Settings

Just add each file type to the File types list.

More information:

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Thanks!  I'm beginning to be impressed by the flexibility of filelocator :)
Indexing redone with the settings changed as described, it worked!