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Whats the difference between the two "File" sub menus
"Save Search" and "Save criteria"?

I would like to save all necessary serach criterias for a specific search in a file.

When I double click on them later then FLP should AUTOMATICALLY start search
with the previously stored search criterias.

Whats the best suitable way?

Is there a way to launch the same search by command line option instead of double click?
Something like

FileLocatorPro.exe "foobar.searchcriteria"

Thank you

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1 Answer

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Save Criteria saves just the search criteria for a search, e.g. File name, Containing Text, Look In, dates etc.

Save Search saves both the search criteria AND the search results with, optionally, the search history (ie previous search results).

To run a search automatically you'd need to use the command line flag -r.

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