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I had a question about how to search for files of a certain type where the keyword that we want is in the path of the file, and not in the filename itself. I know how to put extensions and a string that I wish to find in the file name, such as:

File name: *.mp3;*.wav;*.flac:beatles  

and it will give me the results for files such as:

The Beatles song 1.mp3
beatles song 2.wav

but when you have several folders containing files called track01.mp3 and track02.mp3 and the only way to distinguish is the name of the folder like

.../The Beatles/track01.mp3

How can I write the search field to say that my key word criteria is within the path and not in the file name?

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1 Answer

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If you want the Folder path to be included in the file name matching you need to switch the Include folder path in file name search option on:

Add folder path as part of file name search

The file name is then matched against the full path and not just the name of the file so you can use the folder path in the file name criteria, e.g.

File name: *.mp3:the beatles

Pro version

If you have the Pro version you can also use Folder filters on the Look In field to target just the folder name, e.g.

Look In: C:\My Music;+the beatles
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