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I want to search for 2 or more words in the file name, how do I do that?

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By default the File name expression is set to 'Wildcards' (also known as 'DOS Expression'). For this expression type you can search for multiple names by separating them by a semi-colon, e.g. to find all .txt or .xls files:

File name: *.txt;*.xls

If you want to search for two or more terms that must be in the file name use the ':' to separate the terms, e.g. to find all .txt files that have the word 'read' and 'history' in the name:

File name: *.txt:read:history

Boolean expressions

You can switch the expression type in the Options tab to 'Boolean' and the equivalent expressions would be:

File name: *.txt OR *.xls

Filename: *.txt AND read AND history
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