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I am trying to search for words containing the > character, like Test>.

But putting into the containing text field Test> gives every result where test is contained, like

 - Test?
 - Test>
 - Test
 - Test"
 - test=

Options are boolean. Is > a special character? I also tried to escape it with \ or put it into doublequotes like ", but double quotes gives the same results and escaping it gives none.

Any solution for that?

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1 Answer

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The > character is a special marker, it's a word boundary marker, ie marks the end of the word (although it will still match a > character if it's there). If you're using the Pro version you can prefix the term with REGEX, e.g.

Containing Text: REGEX "Test>"

Or if you're using the Lite version switch the content searching to regular expression.

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