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Been using Agent Ransack for years, and is an old favourite of mine.

Previously I have never had trouble using ; to separate multiple search terms (searching for "Containing Text"). Upon trying today, it doesn't work. Using " OR " does work.

Boolean option enables in the "Contents" setting.

What could be causing this?

Thanks for any help

Release Build 867 - 2017.03.02.44979 (x64)

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1 Answer

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Semi-colon has never been an option to separate multiple search terms in Containing Text (only in File Name and Look In). The closest you could get would be the vertical bar '|' with regular expressions.

The default for Containing Text is now Boolean and OR should be used to separate multiple keywords, alternatively if you're using the Pro version you can use the expression editor and enter each keyword on a separate line and the program will put the ORs in for you:

Expression editor

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Thanks a lot for the reply. Understood, I must have confused myself about the use of semi-colon. Thank you for the info and also for the tip for using Pro version!