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0 votes

Wondering if there is a way to search and/or filter by windows file metadata such as the version number of an .exe and/or display this in a column. Ex. if I have multiple versions of this .exe file, displaying the version number in a column so I can see which one is latest (assuming I can't based on timestamp)

If not would like to suggest it for future enhancement (probably not specifically this one field, but the ability to use any windows explorer available column)

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1 Answer

0 votes

Additional columns such as File Version will be added soon but I'm afraid they'll only be in the Pro version.

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any idea on a release date? I need this capability as well.
Not yet. Hopefully in the 9.1 release cycle.
sounds good, thanks!
p.s. I use FLP just about every single day.. it works great :)
Yay, it's in there now as of Feb 2022. Thanks!!! ♥♥♥