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Is it possible to exclude Program Files on a remote computer search scanning the hidden share C$? Have Persistent Search Filters turned on and checked all of the default exclusions, but Program Files and Windows directories are still being searched and showing results. Also need to exclude user's AppData files in the searches.

For remote searches, I'm using this for "Look in" \computername\C$.

Have tried adding additional exclusion filters, but still not working. Any suggestions welcome?

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The standard 'Program Files' exclusion is specific to your local Program Files folder. You can add a generic Program Files filter, ie exclude ALL file paths with Program Files in the name, by adding:

-Program Files

For example this would exclude paths with the term Program Files at any folder depth

\\computer1\C$;\\computer2\C$;-Program Files

That would probably be sufficient for your situation but depending on your needs you can get more specific, e.g.

-c$\Program Files
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