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It would be really nice if one could filter the search results instead of having to construct a regex.
For example, I want to find a PDF file that has my initials in the title. It would be simpler to search on *.pdf, and then inside that search look for "GH".

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1 Answer

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You can filter search results after a search using the column filters, e.g. searching for .txt files then filtering for just 'readme'

File name:        *.txt
Containing Text:
Look In:          C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft

The column filters are activated by pressing the filter button in the top right of the File List View. Results are filtered as you type.

Column filter in action

The Summary tab shows the 'Displayed' count to differentiate from the 'Found' count.

Summary tab

A full screenshot looks like this:

Full screenshot

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