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In the Index Content section of the index settings, does the "Documents/PDF/Text Files" just index common .doc;.docx;.xls;.xlsx;*.txt etc or when it says "Text files" is this referring to all ASCII (non-binary) text files?

I.e. I saw a post explaining how to add specific filetypes to the index (ex. *.css), if I wanted to index literally all text-based files regardless of extension, (i.e. anything non-binary that the current parsers should be able to read), how do I know which extensions I would need to add?

I tried to checked the box that says "include file names for non-content file types" and look at the Index details, but it appears that both files with their context index and those that are just filename index are both labeled identically so I'm not able to tell by that route (so, one suggestion is files which have contents indexed to maybe say "Indexed Contents: C:\filepath.txt" on those lines.

Ideally it would be better if there was a summary screen which allowed me to see by filetype (hey 1000 .docx and .xlsx were content indexed; 5000 *.html files were filename index only) so I would know if I needed to update my index'ing settings to accommodate.

I'm assuming that a ton of files (ex .css) are not currently being content indexed and so is there a current easy way to use FileLocator to summarize how many of which file extensions appear in a certain path so I can just manually make the list to add? (or would I need to search for .*/export to excel and pivot it?

Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

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Thanks for the email. At the moment there is no way to say 'Index anything that looks like a text based file'. The next big release will include an option to 'Exclude binary files' so you could add '.' to your Specific files and then let it detect which files have non-text data.

They'll also be more functionality to see which file types have been included in index.

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