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I don't remember how I wroted the "persistent search filter" definitions for excluding the bin and obj folders in my C# project folders.
I've tried this in "Location" with choosing "regular expression":
and with "plain text"
but it doesn't work. And it seems to me that it would work only for complete directories.
But until some days ago it works??
Thanks in advance for any answer.

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1 Answer

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Try adding a regex location filter:


Exclude bin/obj folder

The '-' matches the whole file path and excludes any path that matches the expression. The purpose of the '\' at the beginning and end of the expression is to match only a specific path part e.g. ... \bin\ ..., instead of partially matching the path part, e.g. ... \ turbine \ ...

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Many thanks.
But strangely following three work on my machine:
Is there an description or tutorial where I could read about the syntyx?
I've edited the answer with additional information. Does that help?