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0 votes

i am trying your product

i have a documents collection which includes very very large doc docx txt and pdf files

some examples:
pdf filesize 1.5GB containing more than 700k pages of full text
txt files of 700-800mb each
doc 400 mb each
for the moment i am testing with a bunch of large pdf files
while indexing these monster pdf files i got always the error PDFtoText failed with error code: 101 Additional: converting file to text failed 0x80040502 (0x0) -:58

Any help will be appreciated
best regards

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1 Answer

0 votes

There isn't a file size limit but there is a time limit. If the file takes longer than 10 minutes to convert to text the program assumes there is an issue with the file and cancels the indexing of that file.

If possible I would recommend that you keep the PDF files to just a few thousand pages. It'll make the whole process, including subsequent searching, much more efficient.

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