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If I click on an outlook email message in the result window with the preview tab activated. I get this error message.

I do have Office365 ProPlus Outlook installed and it is currently set as a default program.
Anyone knows what's going on?

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2 Answers

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The Preview functionality uses the same preview method as Explorer and so you should the same thing happen if you try previewing a file in Explorer.

The issue is, normally, that you've installed the 64-bit version of Outlook, which doesn't support Explorer preview.

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Here is an alternative I just found from a third party in the Netherlands. No malware so far as my testing has detected. Had to sign up for their email newsletter to get the free 64bit msg viewer. Works in both FileLocator Pro and Win10 Explorer. Here is the link, perhaps MythicSoft can incorporate such a viewer as an option?


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