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Hi all,

Currently trialling Agent Ransack Pro - fast and powerful so far, but hoping it contains the ability to copy all of the .zip files containing the files I searched for, so that I can separate bulk numbers of zips based on their contents.

For example, I have 1500 .zip files in one folder, their names are all similar and not indicative of their contents - but, let's say 500 of these zips contain a .txt file, 500 of these zips contain a .mp3 file and 500 of these zips contain a .bmp file.

I can search for the file type within the zip no problem, and even extract these files - but I want to keep the zips intact and move them to a separate folder based on the file type they contain. Is this possible?

Many thanks!

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1 Answer

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It's not possible to directly copy the parent zip folder, you'd need to 'Explore here' and then copy the zip files one by one.

I'll add your request to the Issue Tracker.

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Many thanks for your speedy answer - ah, that's a shame, I'd love to see this as an added 'feature'!

I bulk downloaded several thousand zips but unfortunately, they were all downloaded to the same folder instead of their designated folders (an error on my part). Because the names of these zip files is so similar, it makes it hard to distinguish what exactly they contain.

If I could only move those zips based on their contents... It's almost in reach - I see that I can export the paths and their contents, in a text file, through Agent Ransack and could - with Notepad++ and some scripting - do what I need to do, but if I was do-able from your software itself, that would be ultra handy.